November 10, 2013

Write Peace Contest

Write Peace!
A contest for high school, college, seminary,
and graduate school students

First prize - $2,000
Second prize - $1,000
Third prize - $500

Participants will submit a reflective essay
written in a public voice on the topic:
How do you relate everyday peacemaking with . . .
  • Art, music, or poetry
  • The Just Peace movement
  • Protest or change movements
  • Social Media
  • Interfaith efforts

WritingDiscuss how personal and local peacemaking efforts address universal concerns. Relate your experience to one of the categories listed above.

Deadline: January 27, 2014

DETAILS:  Peace Essay Contest Guidelines (pdf)

Submit entries here starting on January 1, 2014

Contest made possible by the Baker Endowment in honor of Jennie Calhoun Baker