November 9, 2013

November Messenger

Behind the bumper sticker

What is it that a) caused a normally mild-mannered pastor to honk at the car in front of him and wave the driver to the side of the highway? b) made a National Youth Conference worker literally give the evening’s preacher the shirt off his back? c) made the shouting stop at a political demonstration? Read this month's cover story(Subscribe to read the rest of the great articles in Messenger!)

Mr. O’Donnell goes to Washington
Just a few years ago he was coordinating workcamps as a Brethren Volunteer Service worker. Today, he is press secretary to a US Congressional representative. Find out how Jerry O’Donnell made his way to Washington, and how his Brethren roots inform his work in the nation’s capitol.

Brethren older adults light up NOAC
They may be post-50, but they’re nowhere near past their prime. Every two years, Brethren of a certain age gather for inspiration, worship, music, and the chance to see life-long friends. This year they celebrated being Brethren with skits, songs, field trips, and even birds of prey. And, of course, ice cream.

When scorpions sting and prayers go unanswered
A newborn suddenly acquires a life-threatening disease. A toddler clings to life after being struck by a car. We desperately pray for their return to health. But sometimes it seems our prayers are not heard. What do we do when God does not answer our prayers—or answers in ways we may not understand or find troubling?

Coming in the December Messenger: The gospel of grace.