October 6, 2013


Eating together is not a casual thing.  Think of Jesus' wisdom in commanding his disciples to have at the center of their practices a simple meal. In Luke's Gospel account, the Last Supper takes place in the middle of a fight among the disciples! ... God has put us at table together so the daily disagreements, the impatience, the frustrations, and the challenges of living together may be transcended.

In medicine, science, and religion all great new truths begin as blasphemies of a sort. Imagine the look on the disciples' faces when Jesus took that cup and said, "This is my blood, for you."  To those who thought he had gone too far, he encouraged openness to the menu:  Go ahead. Take it. Eat it. Drink it.
To us who would like to remain a bit disconnected from ... each other, Eucharist is an adventure. Surprise looms. We don't know whom we will be next to, with whom Christ is reconnecting us.
We experience the Body of Christ ... within that ever-elastic and exciting context of the Body of Christ that is the Church. Motherless children, people far from home, folks feeling like outsiders, people who need to escape being insiders:  Eat.

- Bishop Paul Marshall, Messages in the Mall