June 18, 2013

Guns have become idols

Jim Atwood is a gun owner, a hunter, a Presbyterian minister and a theologian who understands idolatry. And he's convinced that many of America's gun owners have moved from respect for firearms to idolatry of them.

 "we have a profound problem with gun violence because far too many owners have moved from respect to reverence -- reverencing their weapons ... For masses of Americans, guns have become idols. It would be outlandish for me to say that every gun is an idol, that every gun owner is an idolator." 

But, he says, it's clear that such aggressive gun advocates as the leadership of the National Rifle Association have shown that they believe gun ownership is somehow sacred and that guns must be reverenced. 

The result, he said, is the "idolatrous belief that guns can produce security."

Read more here: http://billtammeus.typepad.com/#storylink=cpy

Read more here: http://billtammeus.typepad.com/#storylink=cpy