June 24, 2013

A Civil War in Syria

The Syrian civil war is increasingly drawing in nations across the Middle East. The conflict, which sets Muslim against Muslim, threatens to pit world powers against each other.  So reports this USA Today article reported in the June 26 issue of Christian Century.  This article may be helpful to other Americans who do not have a good grasp on the current civil war in Syria.
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In an editorial, Wisdom in doing nothing, the editors of Christian Century make the point that "In the case of Syria, Christians should recall that they - and their political leaders - are not called or equipped to avert all tragedies or make all situations come out right."  The editorial goes on to point out that "...it is not as though the United States can't do anything. It can address the humanitarian crisis by supporting the countries hosting Syrian refugees, and it can continue to work toward a diplomatic solution, however complex and prolonged that effort might be."