May 11, 2013

Saturday Smile

Jerry, a handsome dude, walked into a sports bar around 9:58 PM. He sat down next to Jill at the bar and stared up to the TV. The 10:00 PM news was now on. The news crew was covering a story of a man on a ledge of a tall building preparing to jump. Jill looked at Jerry and said, "Do you think he'll jump?" Jerry replied, "You know, I bet he will." Jill said, "Well, I bet he won't." Jerry placed a $20 bill on the bar and said, "You're on." Just as Jill placed her money on the bar, the guy shown on the TV did a swan dive off the building, falling to his death. Jill was very upset but handed $20 to Jerry saying, "Fair's fair, here's your money." Jerry replied, "I can't take your money. I saw this earlier on the 5 o'clock news and knew he would jump." Jill replied, "I saw it too, but I didn't think he'd do it again." Jerry took the money.