May 16, 2013

Honest to God - It's been fifty years!

It has been 50 years since John A.T. Robinson wrote his small controversial book, Honest to God.  As he wrote in the opening chapter, "I gradually came to realize that some things that rang bells and some of the things that didn't seemed to be connected. ... All I am doing in this book is to try to think this process aloud and help to articulate it for others."

My well-marked copy still sits on my bookshelf, although I no longer revisit it as often as I may have in earlier years.  Some highlighted quotes:

"A statement is "theological" not because it relates to a particular Being called 'God', but because it asks ultimate questions about the meaning of existence..."

"To assert that 'God is love' is to believe that in love one comes in touch with the most fundamental reality in the universe..."

For more on the story of Honest to God, check out this BBC News Magazine article by Mark Vernon. Yes the 1963 version, as well as 40th and 50th anniversary editions are available on Amazon.