May 9, 2013

Gospel Messenger

I was scrolling through the Brethren Digital Archives this evening, looking at the church of 50 years ago as reflected in the Gospel Messenger issues of 1963.  It was interesting to review the Church of the Brethren as it was when I was a teenager.  Much has changed, but interestingly some issues did not feel all that different.  

What was interesting was the magazine itself which I remember reading as a teenager in 1963.  Just two years before the name of the magazine changed to Messenger, the Gospel Messenger was still published weekly in a 32-page format.  The annual subscription rate was $3.50 per year.  The tag line was "Thy Kingdom Come" and the editor was Kenneth Morse.  Fifty years later the magazine is published monthly at a cost of $17.50 per year (still a good rate) for a 32-page magazine.