April 1, 2013

Spring Farming Days at Amish Acres

Visit Amish Acres as the farm awakens this spring!

April 1st - May 31st 2013

As winter draws to an end, the promise of spring once again prepares the soil for new life; a time of plowing, planting and cultivating followed by the eventual harvest. A new historical Crop Garden will display gometric patterns of Sorghum, Broom-corn, Indian Corn, Millet and Oats. The kitchen garden's rows are laid out with stakes and strings. The horses return to the pasture and the wildlife begans to be more active in the farm's nature reserve.

Maple Sugaring comes first as the freezing an thawing sap from the Hard Maple Trees. Natural beauty blooms on the farmstead as you explore Amish spring farming traditions.   read more