March 23, 2013

Saturday Smile

A young Methodist circuit rider was sent by his bishop in the early 1800's to try to start a church in a town infamous for its lawlessness, murders, and beatings.  The young minister entered the town's only pulpit with fear and trembling. He looked out upon two dozen hostile, mean-looking faces. He was shaking so much that he could barely hold his Bible, but he went ahead and managed to preach his sermon. When his sermon ended, there was utter silence.  Then, one of the meanest-looking characters swaggered up to him and said, "Son, you don't have to worry; we ain't going to hurt you. But we aim to shoot that no-good rascal what sent you here to us."

-from the book Holy Humor: The Best of The Joyful Noiseletter by Cal and Rose Samra. (This book as well as other humor books and a subscription to The Joyful Noiseletter may be ordered online from the web site