September 17, 2012

SEPTEMBER 10, 2012

Remember the story of Jonah? God told him to go preach in Ninevah. Jonah refused and ran in the other direction. He got thrown out of a boat and swallowed by a big fish who later spit him out on the beach.
What did God say next? "That's it for you, Jonah. You can just stay on the beach and feel guilty from now on."
Not even close. Instead, the Bible says...
Then the word of the Lord came to Jonah a second time. (Jonah 3:1)
God didn't take Jonah out of service. He sent him back to Ninevah, saying, in effect, "Now go back to doing what I called you to do."
If you've lost some major battles in life, you may be tempted to think that God is finished with you. It's not true. The problem is not that God gives up on his people. The problem is that his people give up on themselves.
Many believers, after getting knocked down by sin, decide to never get up. "What's the use? Why bother? I'll just stay down here from now on."
You won't be let off quite that easy. God calls you to repentance, to confront your sin and deal with it. But that's just the first step. After you've gotten back on your feet, he most often sends you back into the battle.

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