May 10, 2011

Tuesday's Prayer

A Mother's Prayer

O God, You are the Perfect Parent.
You know my children so well, so much better than I.
You know their inner needs.
You watch them growing and truly understand them.
You care deeply for them and love them unconditionally.
For these reasons, I ask your help in raising
my children ...
No, not Your help - more than that.

Lord, you bring them up.
I hand them over to You.
Just don't let me get in Your way.
Don't let me interfere with your parenting.
But, dear Lord, when you need human help, use me.
When they need to hear words of love, use my voice.
When they need comfort, use my arms.
When they need teaching, use my mind.
When they need understanding, use my heart.
And when they ask about You, use my faith.
So that they, too, will come to know You
as the Perfect Parent.

- author unknown