May 16, 2011

Monday Mini-Sermon

The native mountaineering guides in the Himalayas, known as sherpas, are intimately acquainted with the face of Mount Everest. However, they know it only from one side - the view from their home valley.  They have been known to respond in disbelief to images of Everest taken from the other sides.  Their disbelief changes to one of amazement when they realize that something with which they are so familiar can have other sides to it. 
  [from Jacob Bronowski's Science and Human Values, as read in Christian Century Marks, May 17, 2011 issue]

 We live in a culture when many among us are intimately acquainted with only one side of whatever the issue they are discussing.  They might be amazed to learn that there really are other sides to be viewed.

May we be blessed by a God so big as to be able to see that every mountain we face has many sides.