May 20, 2011

The Last Post?

Will this be the last blog post on this site?  A group led by Family Radio network founder, Harold Camping (age 89) predicts that the Great Judgment will occur tomorrow, May 21, 2011. Camping’s initial computations led him to identify 1994 as the end time; mistakes he insists have now been corrected by cleaner math and special revelation. The Rapture will occur tomorrow, lifting Christians out of this world, leaving those who remain to endure Tribulation. 

So if Mr. Camping prediction is correct, I fully expect to be leaving this world tomorrow and thus this will be the final post.  On the other hand, maybe the final judgement will find me remaining with those to endure the final tribulations (can it get any worse?), in which case I may not feel much like adding anything to this blog anyway.

Then again, Mr. Camping has been wrong before.  It may be that the world will not end and the only ones leaving the earth tomorrow will be those who die due to natural causes or unexpected tragedies (as did many today).  If this is the case, we expect to be here tomorrow.

P.S.  I am caused to remember that it was 1843 when Baptist preacher William Miller predicted that the world would end, yet it did not happen as Miller had predicted and the "Millerites" who had sold off their property in anticipation of the end were left disappointed.  William Miller did some recalculation and corrected his prediction of the end of the world to be October 22, 1844 which led to a second major disappointment to his followers and produced new interpretations and the beginning of Adventism.

A final note to Pastors:  Be sure your sermon for Sunday is finished, just in case.