February 2, 2011

Story of the Icy Arizona Fence

Arizona school ice fence
I received a phone call today from my son who is a teacher in Arizona - in the desert west of Phoenix.  He called my attention to this "ice" fence picture on the school's web site.

Since we were experiencing the Blizzard of 2011 in Indiana, I guess he wanted to let me glimpse a bit of Arizona today.  The story is that it did get down to 27 degrees overnight and someone at the school forgot to turn off the sprinkler system yesterday, resulting in the ice on the fence - their own taste of winter!

The story was almost as good as his story yesterday of their "white-out".  As we were experiencing a white-out from the falling, blowing snow in Indiana, Arizona had strong winds and blowing dirt that was causing their own white-out and making travel difficult.