January 31, 2011

Monday Mini-Sermon

"From the wilderness of Sin the whole congregation
of the Israelites journeyed by stages..."  Exodus 17:1     

     Pastor Charles Allen used to tell of driving with his wife through an arid part of New Mexico when he discovered his money clip was missing.  He pulled off the road, got out in the searing heat and searched under the seat, the floor, his suitcase with no luck.
     He stood there in the heat lamenting his loss until finally his wife said: "If the money's gone, it's gone. Are we going to stand here in the desert all day, or are we going to accept what we cannot change and get on with our trip?"
     They did continue their trip and Allen said that during later disappointments the thought would come to him: Am I going to stand here in the desert moaning, or am I going to get out of the desert and move forward on the journey of life?

If disappointments come your way today, ask yourself the same question.