January 10, 2011

Monday Mini-Sermon

"Blessed are the poor in spirit,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven."
Matthew 5:3

     It is said that January is a month of depression for many persons as there seems to be an emotional let-down after Christmas. After spending weeks, if not months, preparing, planning, buying, decorating, baking ... all of a sudden it's over. And the problems and concerns of living, laid aside for the holidays, return to be tackled in the cold and dreary first months of the new year.
     I readily confess that I am not a cold weather person and it seems to me that January is a pretty poor month with which to begin a new year. Nevertheless, the new year begins amidst the snow and cold of January.  It is really not the weather that depresses us so much as it is our attitude toward the weather (just ask a child).  Our attitude requires an adjustment.  It calls us to use some creativity to make the best of the situation.  Our attitude during these winter months will make a big difference as to whether we are depressed or happy from now to spring.
     For an attitude adjustment, I invite you to read and re-read the Be-Attitudes found in Matthew 5:1-12.  Read and be blessed.
     The weather will continue to be cold and snowy for a while. It will disrupt our lives and may keep us from the places we wanted to be and the people we wanted to be with at times. Adjust! Face it with a positive attitude!  Give each day your best effort.  May the spirit of Christ guide you into some new and exciting adventures today and everyday.