November 22, 2010

Monday Mini-Sermon

There’s an old story of a man who stumbled upon a large red barn after wandering lost in the forest for days. He cautiously took cover inside the structure. He looked around and found the barn filled with seeds, all bagged and ready. He quickly realized he’d stumbled upon the Devil’s storehouse. A quick survey revealed the vast majority of the seeds were contained in bags labeled “Discouragement.”

A Devil’s Helper suddenly appeared. The man asked him “Why so many bags with seeds labeled ‘Discouragement?’” The helper replied, “Because they take root quickly and they are extremely effective.”

“Do they grow everywhere?” asked the man. The Devil’s Helper replied, “Almost. But for some reason they will not grow in the heart of a grateful person.”

During this week of Thanksgiving, be fully aware of how much you have to be grateful for.