November 8, 2010

Monday Mini-Sermon

"Ollie, Ollie Ottsin's Freed"  

It was not until recently that I realized "all and all and all set free" was the phrase we were supposed to have been shouting when we kicked the can, freeing all those in the clutches of the person who was IT.

I was sure the words were "Ollie, Ollie Ottsin's freed!"  Given the mental association of youth, there is little doubt in my mind that only a few children ever grew up knowing the exact phrase.  We shaped it into that which we thought we had known from the beginning.

What is terribly sad about all of this is that we humans have approached much of life this way. We defend ourselves and our perceptions at the expense of the perceptions of those around us.  We are rarely capable of saying, "Oops, I have been saying the wrong thing for all that time."

Thomas Johnson-Medland, Voices in the Wilderness, Summer 1988