November 24, 2010

Cold Turkey

adapted from a church newsletter:

It was the week before Thanksgiving when Bobby Evans collapsed in Wal-Mart.  Other customers gathered around and the first-aide was summoned. It did not look good for Bobby, there was blood coming out of his ear, his face looked white and he was unconscious.

The store manager dialed 911 and when the medical team arrived, they took off Bobby's hat to find inside a partially frozen turkey. What felled Bobby was the chill from the turkey numbing his brain. The blood came from the giblets which had melted and leaked over his hair and down into his ear.

As it was Thanksgiving the manager took pity, and rather that prosecuting the shop-lifter, gave him the partly thawed bird and sent Bobby on his way.  Two days later the manager got a letter from Bobby apologizing for his behavior and thanking the manager for his action. Inside the envelope was $15 to cover the cost of the turkey.