October 8, 2010

Take a Sabbath Rest

There’s a great story about a wagon train that was making its way west. It was a large train. The families occupying the train’s wagons discovered quickly they were divided into two groups. One group wanted to push westward as fast as possible, traveling from sunup to sundown seven days a week. The other group wanted to stop one day in seven in order to observe the Sabbath.

Finally a proposal was made. They would divide into two groups, the ones who wanted to worship on Sunday and the ones who wanted to keep moving every day. They divided. The moved out as two separate wagon trains.
Guess which group got to Oregon first. You got it: those who worshiped on the Sabbath. Come Monday morning they were rested; their horses were rested. They traveled much further in a day, and by the time Oregon was on the horizon they were still praising God.
Go to church Sunday. You’ll be better for it Monday.