October 23, 2010

Stop Children from Arguing

Daily tip from Thriftyfun.com
Stop Children From Arguing
I have a tip for children bickering. I have passed this 
tip along and had reports back at how amazing the results. 
I used this until my children were grown and now my 
grandkids get a dose.

Have the 2 kids that are bickering, either sit on the couch 
facing each other or stand facing each other with the tip 
of their noses touching for a set amount of time (not as 
long as time out).

Who gets the front seat? No problem but they have to sit 
with their noses touching. My daughter and son both agree 
that they would refrain from arguing because they did not 
want to have to stand or sit that way.

Most of the time giggling would happen before the time was 
up and they were friends again.

By Notwrong from FL 
I am wondering if this tip should not be applied to politicians,
church members, and other adults as well.