October 19, 2010

A Prayer for This Day

Mighty God, Creator of life,

Guide us, as we seek to live out our faith
by engaging strangers in discussions of faith,
and as we extend hospitality to the unrecognized
Christ present in each stranger and friend
whom we encounter this day.

Mighty God, Creator of life,

Without you - all earth, all breath,
all things new and old, all dreams,
all visions, all music made, all stories told -
would be nothing.

Mighty God, Creator of life,
We are grateful for your eternal love,
for your promise to be with us always,
and for the surprising ways you sometimes
come to us on our journey through life.
Mighty God, Creator of life,

You can restore life to that which is dead.
Grant us life!
Touch our spirits until they are indeed
in tune with your Spirit.  Amen.