September 3, 2010

A Prayer for Labor Day Weekend

Lord, our attitude to work changes with our moods; we are as variable as the weather. Some days we enjoy every moment of our work; other days we feel tired and resentful of it.  There are mornings when we dread the thought of getting up; but there are also times when we go to work gladly.
Lord, some of us get paid for doing the things we enjoy; others must work at distasteful tasks for their living. Some of us work with kind and interesting people; others must work with sour and ugly characters. Some who long for company must work alone; others who yearn for privacy must work with a crowd.
Lord, whether we work for love or pleasure, or whether it is only for duty or money, we thank you for the privilege of daily work, for the rewards of labor in whatever forms.  In a world where millions are unemployed, we count ourselves so richly blessed.
As products of the work of a loving Creator, we thank you for skills of eye, brain, and hand. As friends of the carpenter's Son of Nazareth, we offer to you our work as an act of praise.  As children of the Spirit who has never ceased to work, we seek to honor you in everything we do.

B. Prewer