July 23, 2010

This Cookie, Broken for You

A story I have heard before but today comes from Guy Kent:

There’s a story of a woman who purchased some cookies to eat as she was waiting for her flight to leave. She sat at the gate waiting the arrival of her plane, reading her book. As she read, she reached down and retrieved a cookie from the bag as she read and waited. She noticed, out of the corner of her eye, the man beside her also reached into her bag of cookies and took one and ate it.

Later she took another and so did he. Later it happened again. Over and over it happened. She grew more irritated with each theft of one of her cookies. Her anger was barely contained when the man reached into the bag and pulled out the last cookie. He looked at her and smiled. Then, he broke the cookie in half. She could not believe the audacity of the man.
Her flight was called. She boarded her plane. She sat down. She reached into her carry bag to retrieve her book to continue reading. As she did, her hand came into contact with the cookies bag she had bought.