July 24, 2010

Saturday Smile

The dinner was over. Lucy took the opportunity to teach her brother, Linus, about making a wish on the wishbone. “This is a wishbone,” she told Linus. “We both make our wishes and then pull it apart. Whoever breaks off the biggest part gets his wish.”
Linus then asked, “Do we wish out loud?”
“Of course, you wish out loud,” said Lucy. “If you don’t wish out loud the wish-answerer won’t know what to bring you.”
Lucy then demonstrates, “Let’s see now! I wish for a new doll, a new bicycle, four new sweaters, some new saddle shoes, a wrist watch and about one hundred dollars.”
Linus then takes his turn, “I wish for long life for all my friends. I wish for peace in the world. I wish for great advancement in the fields of science and medicine, and ….”
Lucy , by this time, is in the act of throwing away the unbroken wishbone in disgust. She growls, “You seem to have a knack for spoiling everything.”