May 1, 2010

Saturday Smile

A man retired after spending an entire career with the same company. In gratitude for his service, his company gave him a lifetime membership in a country club and a set of expensive golf clubs. The man had never played golf, but he though it would be impolite not to use the benefits of his retirement gifts. He inquired about having the club pro teach him to play.

The appointment was made and the pro showed up at the appointed hour. He instructed the retiree on the proper stance, the correct swing, and the necessity of follow-through. The he said, "Now just relax and hit the ball toward the flag on the first green down there."

The novice addressed his ball, took up the instructed stance, brought his club back precisely as he'd been instructed, and then swung it as he'd been taught. The sound of the wood contacting the ball was sweet. The ball sailed straight down the center of the fairway, took its first bounce on the green and rolled straight, coming to stop within three inches of the cup.

"Now what?" asked the new golfer.

The pro was completely astounded, speechless. Finally, he got his thoughts together and with scarcism replied, "You were supposed to hit it into the hole."

"Now you tell me!" said the old man.