April 10, 2010

Saturday Smile

A retiree was out taking his daily exercise. He tried to walk two or three miles a day. He was half way through his trek when the wind, blowing through the trees across a pond, carried a small voice crying out, “Help me! Help me!”

The man made his way through the brush on the side of the road and then through the trees to the bank of the pond. There on the shore he encountered a frog. It was the frog he’d heard. The frog said, “Help me. I’m not really a frog. I’m a beautiful princess. If you’ll just kiss me I’ll turn into that princess and I’ll love you forever.”

The man reached down and picked up the frog. He placed the frog in his pocket and made his way back to the road. He started walking back home.

The frog looked up from his pocket and said, “Aren’t you going to kiss me?”

“To tell you the truth,” said the man, “at my age I’d rather have a talking frog.”
Whatever you encounter today react to it wisely.