March 23, 2010

On the Warpath

Jwa**rs** is on the warpath. Upset by the passage of the Health Care Reform, J-wars is out to change democracy. She proposes to gather signatures on a petition (to do what?) and/or take the government to court. As one might guess, J-wars is a Republican running for a congressional seat presently held by a Democrat who voted in favor of Health Care Reform.

I'm sure that J-wars would not want to be classified as anti-poor, or anti-health, or anti-people ... she just wants all legislation done the J-wars way. Sorry, J-wars, if you want to continue in politics you must anticipate not always getting your own way.

Frankly, I'm not sure why anyone would one to vote for a politician like J-wars who is unable to see both sides of an issue and who is unable to show concern for what is needed by a large segment of our society. J-wars reminds me of the neighborhood bully, unable to see beyond one's own limited understanding and unable to play fair with others. I hope all but a few other "red-necks" in the district will see the neighborhood bully that lives within J-wars and soundly defeat any future political ambitions. J-wars as a political leader is downright scary.