January 12, 2010

An * By My Name

Is there an * by your name? That is the question that Indiana United Methodist Bishop Mike Coyner asks in his most recent E-pistle.

Is there an * by your name? With the so-called “confession” of Mark McGuire that he used steroids during the years that he hit all of those home runs and broke the record of Roger Maris who himself broke the all-time record of Babe Ruth, we are once again hearing about putting an * next to baseball records.

As a reminder: in 1961 when Roger Maris hit 61 home runs to break the record of 60 set years earlier by Babe Ruth, the baseball commissioner demanded that Roger’s record of 61 include an asterisk to note that the baseball season in 1961 was a few games longer, so somehow Roger’s 61 was not as “worthy” as the record of 60 by the Babe. That offensive asterisk was removed a few years later. Read the entire article online