November 22, 2009

Someone to be Thankful For

From a church newsletter:

On the Sunday before Thanksgiving, 1984, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale began his sermon with this thought:

Now it is November, the month that contains the most American
of all holidays: Thanksgiving.
We Americans invented Thanksgiving, and this is not surprising
because of all the nations in the world, we have the most to be thankful for.
We have freedom in a magnificent land that stretches
from sea to shining sea.
We have science, we have medicine, we have rich farmlands
and soaring skyscrapers and great cathedrals and quiet churches.
If you are an American, you have every right to be proud and grateful.
And there's one thing more you should be grateful for:
You should be thankful for you.

If you are precious in God's eyes -
and you most certainly are -
then be grateful for the life God has given you
and the constant blessings which are yours.

- Excerpt from "Be Thankful for You"