September 9, 2009


It occurred to me a few days that today was going to be a special date - 09/09/09. What I didn't know was that others had been anticipating this date for some time. I quick check of the internet brought forth the following information for today:

  • 09/09/09 represents the last set of repeating, single-digit dates that we'll see for almost a century
  • in some cultures where 9 is considered lucky, this should be a lucky day
  • for some religious numerologists 09/09/09 is the number of the beast (666) upside down
  • one site suggests listing nine things you are thanful for, or consider smiling at 9 persons today
  • The Beatles' Remastered Albums are due today
  • And then there is my neighborhood coffee shop that will sell coffee on 09/09/09 for $.09
Enjoy the uniqueness of the day and trying "dressing to the nines."