August 1, 2009

Saturday Smile

Two for one today from Dear Webby's Humor Letter:

A principal is making his rounds in the school when
he hears a terrible commotion coming from one of
the classrooms.

He rushes in and spots one boy, taller than the
others, who seems to be making the most noise.
He seizes the lad, drags him to the hall, and tells him
to wait there until he is excused.

Returning to the classroom, the principal restores
order and lectures the class for half an hour about the
importance of good behavior.

"Now," he says, "are there any questions?"

One girl stands up timidly. "Please sir," she asks,
"may we have our teacher back?"


One Sunday afternoon, the Pastor's wife dropped into
an easy chair saying, "Boy! Am I ever tired!"

Her husband looked over at her and said,
"I had to conduct two special services last night, three
today, and give a total of five sermons. Why are you
so tired?"

"Dearest," she replied, "I had to listen to all of them!"