June 2, 2009


I had a phone call yesterday asking for the following quote I had shared several months ago. I value this quote from A. C. Wieand so I thought I would post it here today.

The Gospel Messenger of November 19, 1904 carried this self-descriptive comment by A.C. Wieand who, along with E.B. Hoff, would open the doors of Bethany Bible School the next fall.

I am fundamentally opposed to every change
in the faith and practice of the church
that will takes us farther away
from the Bible.
That's how conservative and orthodox I am.
But I am always in favor of any change
that will bring us closer in faith and life
to the Word of God.
That is how progressive I am ....
Just as fast as we get new light on
the Word and Will of God
we must change our practices
to suit it more fully.
Source: Let Our Joys Be Known,
A Brethren Heritage Curriculum
Richard B. Gardner and Kenneth M. Shaffer