May 11, 2009

Peace Education in Churches

Over 50 years ago (1957), Dan West wrote the following as part of an introduction to a small resource book for local church leaders in the Church of the Brethren. Does not this paragraph continue to ring true today?

Our fascinating modern world has a kind of split personality. Peace on earth is an ancient refrain and a present wish of millions of people. But right along with this is the much-honored ancient method of turning to war for the settlement of many of our hard problems. And often it is the same people who lean hard in one direction and then another. Some despair of things ever being any better than this. Only a little handful are hopeful; some just used to be hopeful. The increasing pressures of cultural change and the bigger and bigger problems as world population expands and as the means of communication develop and transportation brings us closer to everybody else - these make the task harder. But many people are wistful; if only some way could be found ...