April 29, 2009

Flying In and Out of Kansas City This Week

Flying in and out of the Kansas City airport this week for a professional growth event, this is not what I wanted to read in the local newspaper.

FAA details wildlife collisions

with planes at KCI

Flying in the path of migrating waterfowl and Canada geese, planes are bound to tangle with birds at KCI.

For the first time Friday, we found out how often.

The Federal Aviation Administration released data showing that wildlife, mostly birds, collided with planes at KCI 146 times in the first 11 months of 2008, the most since at least 1990. There were no fatalities.

The data, which the FAA wanted to keep secret, were released under public pressure after a passenger jet plunged into New York’s Hudson River in January. It had run into a flock of geese.

Since 2000, reports of wildlife have doubled at some of the biggest airports, including KCI.