January 7, 2009

How many state workers does it take ....?

I was reading The Elkhart Truth this morning about Governor Daniels proposed budget for the next two years. Cuts are everywhere, including higher education, and Daniels proposes to hold K-12 public education at current levels (although schools face increasing costs). He will propose another $100 million dollars, however, for prisons and state police.

Since the state legislature last year cut property taxes, and in exchange took over funding of all public schools, there is little that can be done at the local level without state approval. So look for Indiana schools to take another big hit in future years.

Meanwhile, the budget story I was reading was continued to an inside page. Alongside the one column story was a two-column picture showing five workers at the Indiana Statehouse replacing one American flag with another (likely newer). If the state has funds to pay 5 workers to change a flag, I have a suggestion of where the first budget cuts should come from!