December 19, 2008

Nativity Scene Grows

Having pastored in Painesville, and lived in Concord township, I was very interested in this story from the Cleveland Plain Dealer:

Huge nativity scene graces Ohio family room

doris_weaver_nativity_sceneOver the years, Doris Weaver of Painesville Township, Ohio, has created a nativity scene in a big way in her condo, reports columnist Susan Condon Love in the Plain Dealer.

What started with a small fence 75 years ago has become an 800-piece extravaganza of figurines and accessories that takes over her family room each Christmas season.

``I've always been in love with nativities,'' the 80-year-old Weaver said. ``It's just grown and grown.''

``And grown,'' adds her teasing husband, Bill, also 80.

To see more photos of the collection -- including ``a pregnant Mary, a post-delivery Mary and the baby Jesus'' as well as sheep, kings and angels -- click here.

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