November 17, 2008

Prescription Drug coupons


Some of us collect them seriously - I've heard stories of individuals who do not buy grocery items unless they have a coupon for the item. Serious coupon shoppers may have their own filing systems, ranging from cardboard boxes to three-ring binders.

I've never got into that kind of coupon shopping, however I am not opposed to using a coupon I find to purchase an item I wanted to buy anyway.

Recently I became aware of another source
of coupons for something I need to purchase
every month - my prescription drugs.

There may be other coupon sources, but the source I found is

You may not find a coupon for your own prescription but they are conveniently arranged by category, and I found a coupon card from one drug company that will work with my insurance co-pay and save me about $15 per month on one prescription.

If you don't have prescription drug insurance coverage, you may wish to check out their buying group to get discounts on your prescriptions. As always, check out any such offer carefully.