November 13, 2008

Just Be Good

I expect that the advertising campaign by the American Humanist Association will get a lot of negative comments from Christians and religious bloggers of all sorts. The AHA will spend $40,000 during the upcoming holiday season to place ads on both the outside and inside of buses in the Washington D.C. area. The ads also may be run in several newspapers.

Those of us who know God, who follow the teachings of Jesus, and who are committed to living our lives by these teachings know there is more to living good lives than for goodness' sake. We are living for Jesus' sake out of a commitment and response to God's love for us.

And yet, for those who do not yet know God, do not know the teachings of Jesus ... who can fault the advise to "just be good." I am reminded of the Apostle Paul's teaching in Athens (Acts 17) to those who worshipped an unknown God. May we who are Christians in the church be reminded that there is still a message to share with many in our own communities.