November 11, 2008

Heifer Project News

What can one person do, is a very good question, if you don't do nothing at all.... so goes the words of the song sung by Andy Murray.

Who could have known when the Northern Indiana District Men's Fellowship met at the Middlebury Church of the Brethren on April 12, 1942 to hear Dan West share a dream of sending heifers to provide milk for the children of war-torn Spain ... that one day the dream would come to this.

When 3 calves were given that evening, when a young boy agreed to feed them and the feed was donated ... who would have dreamed that one day, cattle and goats and sheep and chickens and bees and water buffalo and more would be shared with families around the globe.

According to Heifer International President, Jo Luck, new programs opened in 2008 in Malawi, Georgia, Slovakia and Sierra Leone. You can read more in the November/December 2008 issue of World Ark.

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