October 9, 2008

Sam Hornish, Jr.

Church of the Brethren member and race car driver, Sam Hornish Jr., who was in Columbia City last week for the funeral of his former pastor, is in the news today. The story according to Monte Dutton of "NASCAR This Week" is that Hornish is "Roary the Racing Car."

Actually he is the narrator of an animated children's series that debuts on PBS Kids Sprout, a cable/satellite channel, this month. Hornish says, "It's a good little show that teaches kids how to work together and have a positive attitude. It's a regular cartoon, but there's also a message behind it, and that appealed to me."

Roary is a red single-eater whose enthusiasm and curiosity occasionally lead him into trouble. Roary lives at Silver Hatch race track along with friends Zizzy, Big Chris and Trucksy. [see www.roarytheracingcar.com]

Hornish says, "We're role models for kids whether we want to be or not. I love kids. I've got bunches of nieces and nephews, and now I've got a daughter of my own (born February 4). That makes you think about being a role model, and I think it's great to teach kids a lot about working together ... and it's also a racing show. All that made it very appealing to me."