October 22, 2008

Resigning for Peace and Justice

In his blog, "On the Road to Peace" for the National Catholic Reporter, John Dear SJ tells the story of being contacted by LT Col Darrel Vandeveld, a military lawyer who has been prosecuting detainees at Guantánamo for over a year. He had, he said, "grave misgivings" about what was happening at Guantánamo, the trials, and U.S. policy. What advice did I have to offer? I dashed off a reply to this effect: "Quit."

Dear goes on to add, "He did just that, as reported on page one of [October 12] Los Angeles Times. He could no longer remain a Catholic, a follower of Jesus, he said, and keep himself embroiled in "this mess." His brave decision is not only a sign of hope, it challenges us to withdraw our own cooperation with U.S. militarism and embark on the path of the nonviolent Jesus."