October 3, 2008

Church, Fear, and the Economic Downturn

From the Dallas Morning News Religion Blog comes this Quote of the Day:

" ... the church has nothing ultimately to fear as budgets shrink and beloved buildings go up for sale. Some of us may have to walk to different kinds of work while others learn to glean. Gone-fishing committees may replace budget and finance committees, while the Wednesday night supper group learns to cook with mystery cans. We may become the people we once set up ministries to serve, losing the income-buffered distinction between `them' and `us' that was never good for us anyway.

"If the gospel is true, we have nothing ultimately to fear. Whether the present economic downturn is temporary or a sign of things to come, we have not begun to explore all the life we will have left when the money is gone."

- Barbara Brown Taylor, from a column for The Christian Century magazine