August 11, 2008

Sermons - A Time for Creative Thinking

The story behind the origin of Post-it Notes involves a sermon and a member of the choir.

Art Fry worked for the 3M Company and sang in his church choir. He would use slips of paper to mark the pages of his hymnal for the day's hymns. The problem was the slips would fall it causing him to fumble to find the right page.

On one particular Sunday, following the choir's performance - during the sermon - an idea dawned on him. He could take a formula for a sticky adhesive developed by a co-worker, scientist Dr. Spencer Silver, and turn it into a sticky note that could be easily removed and transferred to another surface.

So pastor, if it seems some Sunday that your sermon just isn't getting through to the congregation, consider that maybe someone out there in the congregation is being led by God to do some creative thinking that will lead to another creative product like Post-it Notes.

See The Whole Story at the 3M web site.