August 22, 2008


100 years ago the Church of the Brethren was the new name of the church formerly known as the German Baptist Brethren. However, the church was better known in most communities as the "Dunkers." In fact, that almost became the official name of the church in the early 20th century.
The Dunker name - from the mode of baptism practiced by the church - however, was considered offensive to some Brethren.
Hundred years later, however, the name "Dunkers" is popular once again due to Pizza Hut's "Chocolate Dunkers."
They look delicious although my diet keeps me away from even a tempting taste. They are loaded with calories, or course, but are an attractive addition to many Pizza Hut customers.
I noted tonight on the Pizza Hut box that "Chocolate Dunkers" name is a trademark of Pizza Hut. So much for renaming the church for the next generation.