August 11, 2008

And Then Some

From the Plymouth Church of the Brethren newsletter, The Inspirer:

Shortly after a business executive retired, someone asked him what had been the secret of his
success. He chuckled softly, and then said that it could be summarized in three words: “… and then some.”

He explained that he had learned early in his career that the top people in any group were
those who did what was expected of them … and then some.

Such people worked diligently, efficiently, faithfully … and then some.
They were thoughtful and kind to others … and then some.
They were reliable friends who could be counted on … and then some.
If an emergency came, they tried to do their share to deal with it … and then some.
In short, they were more than ordinary people, they tried to be extraordinary.

That is precisely what Jesus expected and still expects of his followers.
When he was teaching his friends about loving and serving others (see Matthew 5:43-48),
he included these words, “What more are you doing than others?” (v. 47, NRSV).

Christians do what is required … and then some.