July 5, 2008

Saturday Smile

From a local church newsletter comes this story:

A pastor concluded that his Church was getting into very serious financial troubles. While checking the Church storeroom, he discovered several cartons of new Bibles that had never been opened.

So on Sunday he asked for volunteers who would be willing to sell the Bibles door-to-door for $10 each to raise funds for the church. Jack, Paul and Louie all volunteered for the task. Jack and Paul earned their living as salesmen but the minister had some concerns about Louie who was a local farmer with a speech impediment.

The three left with the back seat of their cars stacked with Bibles. The next Sunday they reported back. Jack reported that using his sales skills he had sold 20 Bibles and collected $200 for the church. Paul had sold 28 Bibles raising $280. Apprehensively, the minister turned to Louie and asked whether he had been able to sell any Bibles during the week. Louie offered the minister an envelope. The minister opened it and counted the contents. "Louie, there's $3200 in here! Did you really sell 320 Bibles this week?"

Louie just nodded. "How did you accomplish this?" asked the pastor. Louie shrugged. "I-I-I re-re-really do-do-don't kn-kn-know f-f-f-for sh-sh-sh-sure." he stammered. "A-a-a-all I-I-I s-s-said w-wa-wa-was," Louis replied, "w-w-w-would y-y-y-you l-l-like t-t-to b-b-buy th-th-th-this B-B-Bi-Bible f-f-for t-t-ten b-b-bucks -- or wo-wo-would y-y-y-y-you -j-j-just l-l-like m-m-me t-to-to st-st-st-stand h-h-here and r-r-read it t-t-to y-y-y-you?"