July 12, 2008

Pray For Me

Over at just an apprentice blog, the writer has just transitioned from associate pastor of a Mennonite congregation to its pastor. When asked how people could pray for him, he suggested the following list which seems most appropriate for all church leaders.

Pray for me:

1. That I would always see and relate to others as Jesus would.
2. That I would have grace, patience and love for the church and for all people.
3. That I would be merciful with others, just as God in Jesus Christ has been merciful with me.
4. That I might be given grace to speak clearly, listen well, and laugh a lot.
5. That I would remember that it’s Jesus’ church, I am just called to be faithful in the little things.
6. That I might be able to recognize my limits and not try to do everything.
7. That I would be present with my family as a husband and a father, never taking for granted my calling in our household.
8. That my imagination and living would not be defined by the Powers…the spirit of the age. Rather, that I would be equipped by the Holy Spirit to live into a different reality–the Gospel of the Kingdom…the Story of the redemption of all things made visible in Jesus Christ and all who follow in his way.