June 29, 2008

What's Hot and What's Not

Number one son is home for six weeks this summer from his teaching position in Arizona (in the desert lands west of Phoenix). Throughout the winter and now into the summer I have been watching the daily temperatures which began topping the 100 degree mark back in May. Now it seems to regularly rise above 110 degrees.

Today the Arizona Republic, notes that "another hot spell is in store for the Valley, with little or no relief in sight from the monsoon. Forecasters are predicting a high of 111 degrees today. The warm weather could moderate by next week, forecasters say. Temperatures this time of year usually linger around 106. Thunderstorms are a possibility this week, according to some forecasts." They go on to report that " The monsoon, which stirred up winds for the first time last week, has yet to drop any heavy rainfall. "

Apparently the National Weather Service had declared that this year's "monsoon season" with the hot winds would last from June 15 to September 30.

One Arizona resident reported that one local television weather crew reports anything over 110 degrees as "warm" and anything between 100-110 as "mild" or a "cooling trend." This same resident remarked that this weather terminology causes them to roll on the floor laughing because it is just plain HOT!

Another resident remarked, "We live in the desert. It's summer. It's hot. Seems pretty normal to me."